Lau Chor Tak Distinguished Lecture on Global Economics and Finance

Date Topic and Speaker
2 Jul 2024

by Professor Myron Scholes
1997 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

7 Feb 2020

by Professor Michael Spence
2001 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

28 Feb 2019
by Professor Michael J. Boskin,
Tully M. Friedman Professor of Economics and
Wohlford Family Senior Fellow of Hoover Institution, Stanford University
21 Jan 2019

by Dr. John Lipsky,
Former First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

9 Jan 2017

by Professor the Lord Mervyn King, Lord King of Lothbury
Former Governor of the Bank of England

9 Dec 2015

by Professor Sir Christoper A. Pissarides,
2010 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences;
Reguis Professor of Economics and Poitical Science,
London School of Economics and Political Science

24 Nov 2014

by Professor Lawrence J. Lau,
Ralph and Claire Landau Professor of Economics, CUHK

4 Dec 2013