About IGEF

Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance (IGEF), formerly known as Institute of Global Economics and Finance, was established in January 2010 with an aim to contribute conceptual and policy ideas to the opening up of China’s financial system. Drawing on the educational and research strengths and resources of the Department of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the Institute hopes to make contributions to the modernization of China’s monetary and financial systems by contributing new ways of thinking, making policy recommendations and pointing out new paths for liberalization. The Institute comprises renowned scholars and policy experts, including Professor Liu Mingkang, Former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission; Professor Joseph Yam, Former Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority; Professor Lawrence J. Lau, Former Vice-Chancellor (President) of CUHK; Professor Liu Pak Wai, Research Professor of IGEF, CUHK;  and Professor Terence T.L. Chong, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, CUHK. Through research, IGEF contributes conceptual and policy ideas to the opening up of China’s post-financial-crisis financial system. CUHK has a long history of taking initiatives to build bridges between China and the West following its mission ‘to combine tradition with modernity; to bring together China and the West’. The University is consistently ranked among Asia’s best institutions by international surveys of research output in economics and finance. IGEF is experienced and well-positioned to play an active role in contributing to a new phase of development in the Chinese financial system. The Institute also offers training programmes to central bankers and regulators of non-G20 countries to enhance the knowledge and expertise of participants in new developments and ideas in global finance and the post-crisis banking regulatory framework. Renowned scholars and policy-makers are invited to give lectures.